Times Tables Mastery    


      4 Step Programme
  to Times Tables Mastery




The benefits of using the 4 Step Programme to
Times Tables Mastery:

Your children will have instant recall of all required tables facts up to 12 x 12

Confidence in mathematics lessons will improve enormously and anxiety will be greatly reduced

Facility with multiplications, divisions, money sums, fraction work, percentages, multiples,
       prime numbers, area and volume calculations, angle work, probability etc will be greatly

 Your children will quickly get ahead of other children with similar ability, but who have a poor
facility with tables      

You will be proud of their achievements, glad they are more relaxed in mathematics lessons
        and see they are making good progress     

 They will be much better prepared to tackle the two non-calculator papers for the Year 6 (KS2)

You won't waste hours chanting tables unnecessarily      

What do Headteachers and other users say?

'The children who followed the programme had significantly improved results compared to the control group. I am delighted to recommend Alan's Programme to you' 

Mrs  J Sharp, National Leader of Education and Consultant Headteacher

'We've seen children quickly engage with the process of learning their tables rapidly. It's quite fun walking down the corridor of school asking children tables facts and seeing them recall them very, very rapidly indeed!'

Mr J Wong, Headteacher, Broadwater First and Middle School

'Before I tried this programme I was really not confident with my times tables. Now I feel really confident. My teachers have also noticed a big difference in my maths and so have I'


'I have noticed a huge increase in Megan's confidence while she's been learning these times tables. This programme has been absolutely fantastic. Her confidence in tables has gone through the roof! I can't recommend the programme highly enough.'

Megan's Mum

Alan Young was a teacher of mathematics in both primary and secondary schools for 31 years. He is the inventor of The Four Step Programme to Times Tables Mastery. He has held posts of responsibility in several educational establishments. He is also passionately interested in the effects of the continued use of imperial units on our children's education.

He is a parent, has been a foster parent for twenty years and, as you can see, is now a grandparent.

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